Introduction to Principles and Applications of Case-Mix in Health Systems 2017

PCS International is pleased to announce another edition of its “Introduction to Principles and Applications of Case-Mix in Health Systems” School so if you are interested in case mix and wish to have a broad perspective about its implementation and uses around the globe, then you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

The faculty of the School will include some of the most recognized experts in the field of case mix from around the world. The program takes into account the experiences of different summer schools and executive programs in USA, Australia, Spain, UK, Italy and previous editions of PCSI Schools.



Event Details

When:10 – 16 June 2017

Where: Avignon, France



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  • Best Paper Prize awards at the 31st Annual PCSI Conference in The Hague

    October 16, 2015
    Congratulations to Jeff Hatcher, Heather Richards, Craig Homan, Victoria Zhu from the Canadian Institute for Health Information in Canada for their paper "Building a Population Grouping Methodology and Cost Weights". which won the best paper prize at the conference this year.
    Congratulations also to Alan Thompson and Steve Sutch of Johns Hopkins HeathCare, Baltimore, USA for their paper entitled "Case Finding & Population Profiling – Separate Disciplines or Both Sides of the Same Coin?" which came second. Finally, congradulations to Jim Pearse, Deniza Mazevska, Akira Hachigo (of Health Policy Analysis, Australia), Donald MacLellan, Gavin Meredith, Liz Hay, Jennie Pares (of the Agency for Clinical Innovation, Australia) for their paper "Incentivized integrated care for patients with a hip fracture in the acute setting" which came third.

    33rd PCSI Conference in Sydney, Australia

    09 –13 Oct 2017

    Sydney, Australia

    Advanced Design and Implementation of Case-Mix Funding Models 2018

    23 –27 Apr 2018

    Nicosia, Cyprus